Residential Air Conditioning: The winters can be cold and the summers can be hot, however with Residential Air Conditioning from Aircon Randburg you can control the comfort of your home no matter what the temperature is.

Residential Air Conditioning

Control Your Comfort With The Latest In Affordable Residential Air Conditioning!

Back in the day Residential Air Conditioning was too expensive. Too big and too obstructive to have in your home and made no sense. But nowadays with the rapid advancement in technology. Residential Aircons has become allot smaller, more modern and allot less expensive.

Domestic Air Conditioning can be cost-effective when installed. Domestic Aircons is not only meant for cooling the air, it can also warm the air. It’s also a proven houses using aircons in winter, saved more than 60{66750bc88564fb19081899110ddbaf7339514a690ee632cce54ed4fd174ddbf6} on electricity.

What Is Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning is exactly what the name says it is. Air conditioning is an electrical unit that conditions the air. This provides a more comfortable environment for living. Not only does air conditioning warm or cool the air. Aircons also filter the air from dust, germs and many other elements that we breathe in.

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Residential Air Conditioning Repairs

We Repair Any Make And Model Get Affordable Residential Air Conditioning!

We provide the most cost-effective and affordable Residential Air Conditioning Repairs. Should your air conditioning system break down, we provide a reliable and professional repairs. Our technicians are all certified and qualified to repair any aircon. Book a technician for a date and time that suits you online.

Residential Air Conditioning Installations

Improve Your Quality of Life With Quality Air!

When it comes to Residential Air Conditioning Installations, we provide a wide range of aircons that will suit any budget and any situation. There are many models available and many brands to choose from. Choosing the right Home Aircon can be tricky and most often won’t do what it is meant to do. That’s why it’s best to consult the industry leading experts in air conditioning. We know everything there is to know about Home Air Conditioning.

We understand that each home is different. As a result, there are many factors to consider to find the best aircon unit for you. We will custom tailor an aircon to suit your budget and requirements.

Split Aircons

We provide a range of affordable Split Air Conditioning Systems. We will Install your Split Air Conditioning system in your home at a great rate, all our work comes with a guarantee as well as a warranty. Split Air Conditioning is the perfect choice for providing air conditioning in one room or a specific area in your home. Split Air Conditioning is discreet and compact they are available in floor standing or wall mounted units. Split Air Conditioning comes as a Cooling Unit (Cooling Only) or as a Reverse Cycle Unit (Heating & Cooling). Split Air Conditioning Systems are versatile as they regulate temperature, ventilation and humidity at a touch of a button.

Multi-Split Aircons

We supply and Install Multi-Split Air Conditioning systems. Multi-Split Air Conditioning can heat or cool a minimum of two rooms up to a maximum of none rooms using only one outdoor unit. Multi-Split Air Conditioning can be controlled individually which provides you with the best comfort and saves you on running costs by controlling the heating and cooling in each room when needed. Multi-Split Air Conditioning come in Reverse Cycle Units (Heating & Cooling as well as Cooling Units (Cooling Only). For Multi-Split Air Conditioning Installations, help or advise you can contact us or book your installation online.

Ducted Aircons

We Supply and install a range of Ducted Air Conditioning for home use. Ducted Air Conditioning is the ultimate in climate controlled comfort throughout your home. Ducted Air Conditioning can be installed in new or existing homes. Ducted Air Conditioning is placed in the ceiling or under the floor with vents that provide conditioned air through vents in specific areas throughout your home and a condensing unit located outside your home. For Ducted Air Conditioning Installations, help or advise you can contact us or book your installation online.

Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance

Prevention Is Better Than Cure Avoid Expensive Repairs By Booking Inexpensive Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance!

Our Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance is designed to keep your equipment in tip-top running condition for a long period of time. The majority of aircon breakdowns are from poor to no maintenance. Aircon breakdowns usually lead to expensive repairs. If the air conditioning unit is not maintained and serviced. Our Residential Air Conditioning Servicing is affordable, so don’t go without it. Depending on how often you use your air conditioning unit, you only need to have it serviced once or twice a year. Or at every major season change for example start of Autumn.

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Contact Aircons Randburg

If you need any further help, information or advise regarding our range of air conditioning products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Aircon Randburg are members of the South African Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association (SARACCA). South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (SAIRAC) and Master Builders Association of South African (MBASA).